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On February - 4 - 2012

 THE BAY The Series – Filled with sex, lies, and the scandals that come with them, THE BAY the Series is an independent Emmy®-nominated continuing drama created by independent film director/producer Gregori J. Martin. THE BAY follows the life of wealthy socialite Sara Garrett, her family, and the people around them who share in the tangled web spun by ill-fated choices and unending deception. Obsessions take dangerous turns as the Garretts and their fellow Bay City residents struggle to find contentment, as well as answers to questions better left unasked. 

THE BAY was nominated in Category 71 for the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards in recognition for outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production.


Arrogant, rebellious, and filled with resentment, Peter Garrett is the youngest of Sara’s three children. Determined to live by his own rules, Peter’s life hangs in the balance when drugs take their toll. Raised by his adoptive mother, Claire, until the age of seven, he lives with the knowledge that his real mother didn’t remember giving birth to him. When Sara came to claim him, his world shattered when he was ripped from Claire’s arms, the only mother he had ever known. Though dealing with amnesia, Peter remains determined to make sense of his life even if it seems impossible.



THE BAY: Confessions of the Garretts – PETER GARRETT



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